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Whether it’s overcoming anxiety when speaking in public, or just finding your new voice… you have the tools within you to speak with more presence and authority when it’s needed.

Course - “Training your voice for better speaking”

There are three course options:

Course ‘A’ - x8 50 min sessions (normally 1 to 1)

Course ‘B’ - a two day workshop (x4 hours per day on two consecutive days)

Course ‘C’ - an intensive 2 hour session

A worksheet and follow up assessment is included for each course.

Course syllabus

Module 1: ‘Presenting a strong presence’ - body alignment

  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Being present and in the moment
  • Balanced and evenly weighted posture

Module 2: ‘Supporting your voice’ - breathe placement

  • Correct diaphragmatic breathing
  • Controlled inhalation and exhalation
  • Change from unvoiced to voiced sounds
  • Calm and controlled breathing to release tension

Module 3: ‘Improving clarity’ - articulators

  • Enunciation
  • Opening the oral cavity
  • Vocal warm ups
  • Beat Boxing

Module 4: ‘Creating a deeper sound’ - resonance

  • Chest resonance
  • Utilsing vocal harmonics
  • Engaging your middle voice

Module 5: ‘Pitching with confidence’ - pitch

  • Finding your natural speaking pitch
  • Using the full pitch range
  • Raising and lowering pitch for affect

Module 6: ‘The power of projection’ - dynamic range

  • Reach more people with better projection
  • Add power to your voice
  • Express yourself and engage others

Module 7: ‘Singing sentences’ - melodic variation

  • Accentuating vowel sounds
  • Create melodies with natural speech
  • Improvising with melodic phrasing

Module 8: Vocal issues

  • Shortness of breath
  • Rushed and uncontrolled speech
  • Monotonous delivery
  • Softening a bulky speaking style
  • Thinning out a breathy sound
  • Raising pitch when nervous

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